Vintage OB Polysynth – For Diva

50 carefully matched sounds for Diva – modeled from an Oberheim OB8

Born out of my detailed comparisons between U-he Diva and my Oberheim OB8 I present a pack of 50 classic analogue poly sounds for U-He Diva with OBie inspired skin. Presets have been laboriously matched with a real analogue beast with much tweaking to get the best out of Diva. This pack is intended to provide simple, usable classic analogue poly style sounds, and to keep the Diva parameters within the range of a real analogue synth, so it sounds like a real analogue synth. I found many of the included presets do not manage this making me initially doubt the authenticity of Diva. However in my tests, analogue experts on the Gearslutz producers forum were not able to tell the difference Рcan you?

Check out this blind comparison track which switches from Diva to my OB8 every 4 bars:

Check out a few individual sounds compared:

How does it sound to you – quite close?

To buy this preset pack with the button below:

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